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Jewellery management

We are living in the changing world where apps are rewriting everything nowadays; hence “My Jewels®” is not behind and is mobile compatible in every sense. It’s complete jewelry production, inventory & accounts management software. My Jewel helps to control and manage jewellery business in easy, quick, accurate & efficient way. In Jewelry business, jewelers are maintaining their customers ledgers manually in which there are chances of human error/mistakes which may lead to loss in their business. It’s difficult to remember the customer’s history. If jeweller had received any order or done any repair or alternation work .Thus Astra Services has designed My Jewel Software for retail as well as wholesale business or operations. In MyJewel software, inventory of customers can be easily maintain; Jeweler can check any previous history of the customer if he has done any alteration or repair work as it helps in tracking the sale. My Jewel Software is capable of maintaining different inventories for precious metal or stone. In My Jewel Software, there are all necessary features required in jewelry business i.e. Bar-coding, Imaging, Return & Repair, Approval, Purchase & Planning’s, Tray Stocks, Finance, Crate- wise Stock Management, Account, Girvi, Kitty Maintenance and many more for running this business smoothly. Astra Services is a leading provider of Jewelry Management software.


While looking at a jewellery we see that every type of jewellery is made in its own unique way. When a customer purchases a jewellery he or she must be able to know what they have purchased and whether or not it is exactly the type of jewellery they have asked for. To be able to tell every type of jewellery from each other makes everything more convenient for the business hence a software must be able to label all types of jewellery for convenience.

Maintain BHAV(metal to metal, metal to rupees) and adjust advance amount.
Purchase as per Supplier Invoice
Display Last 4 Deals of Selected item to cross check Rate, Deal, Disc., Tax & Cost
Cash/Credit Purchase
Supplier wise various outstanding reports & reminders
Pending Dr/Cr & Replacement Notes
Stock adjustment add for without purchase
Easy option for Management to Cross Check Bills
Sales option at the time of Purchase
Item not received in purchase can be shift to Pending Order

Inventory Features

A complete inventory management should be included in the features of the software that you are purchasing as storing jewellery is an expensive business. You cannot keep expensive goods as such in a huge quantity nor can you have a shortage in your products when the customers visit your store. Therefore inventory management can help you find a way through problems like these. It tracks your inventory level hence you will be aware before hand when it reaches the warning level so you can restock your warehouse and it also allows you to see the products that are selling faster and products that are stagnant. Hence you will be able to do business better giving what the customers want and by not spending on a product that you are not being able to sell.This is a very important feature when it comes to a jewellery business. The jewelries are expensive and the owners cannot risk mistakes thus they have to track each and every material and the parts of the jeweleries.


Generates sales and purchase analysis based on the trends, category, supplier and other attributes and these analysis can be exported to MS Excel, XML, PDF or directly forward to the mail box. Sales reps would be able to focus on core activities and not on administrative work. Since up-to-date information is available on customers, the sales team can easily sell services and products to them. Sales reps can easily access information in the centralized database from anywhere, any time, whenever they need it.

Enhance productivity
Automate business processes
Improve margins
Make profitable decisions
Minimize errors
Increase sales efficiency
Maximize customer service

Advance Booking

Order taking with all required details.
Maintenance of metal / Advance received including customer samples/ stones.
Automatic Goldsmith order slip (Work to be done) generation.
Covers repair orders, booked items, modification in booked items.
Supply chain of customer order processing can be automated.
Separate maintenance of order delivery stock.
Instant display of order status. (Can be provided on your web site.)
Order to be delivered today and other order related reports.
Optional purity wise calculation of net sales wt in case of old gold receipt against order.


Item wise, item category wise, weight range wise monthly analysis of sales and its % for understanding sales pattern.
Fast moving/ Slow moving items with item wise, category wise, weight wise analysis.
Branch wise, Item wise, item category wise; weight range wise Sales Vs. Closing Stock analysis.
Executive summary of branch wise sales and other transactions.
Salesman wise sales reports for salesman performance evaluation.
Item wise, salesman wise, branch wise target set Vs achieved analysis.
Goldsmith wise, Ornament wise sales with average making charges.
Monthly, Daily, Day of week analysis of number of documents entered and it's average.
Comparison report of current and last year's sales month wise, item wise, item category wise etc.
Age wise pending stock with item wise, item category wise, weight range wise, label wise analysis to focus on dead stock.

Additional Utilities

Calendar with provision of special days and auspicious days
User wise schedule, to do work list, pending task with auto reminder.
Backup, Restore facility available.
Year End Option. Carry forward accounting balances any number of times to New Year.
Cataloging Software for ornaments.
Scan all inward/outward documents. Store them as in files. Scan and store all source documents like purchase bills against that entry

Advantage of My Jewel

Manage your busy (crowded) counters effectively.
Give timely and smooth enhanced customer service.
Create special relationship with customer.
Tight control on day-to-day operation to ensure safety of your valuable stock and cash.
Save in inventory carrying cost.
Improve cash flow, Keep more variety for customers.
Quick financial picture with all reporting required to accounts men.
Proven Software, No experiments
Your employees are 'Men waiting for motivation!' Motivate them to achieve sales targets. Minimum stock-maximum sales !