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About Us

Astra a customer centric, idea driven innovative enterprise where we provide tailored solutions to our customers' requirements with a high consideration to their business enhancement. Astra is a branding and technology solutions provider that caters IT products and advertising services to medium and large clients. We love to hear from our clients and break down their requirements to achievable modules.

Our customer friendly team analyzes your ideas for a scalable business model and transforms them into global web business.

At Astra we analyze the metrics and look for an opportunity to quickly identify where to focus to realize our customer needs. We document customer use cases, behavior and quickly design mockups before rendering.


Provide our clients with the basic idea or information - that extra edge about concept, design & execution, where creative inputs come in.


Delivering the message clearly, Confirming credibility, Connecting to prospective targets emotionally, Motivating the buyer. Cementing user Loyalty


Graphic design is the process of visual communication, and problem-solving through the use of type, space and image. We at Astra make sure that


Layout and design of websites are so important that people choose to stay or leave pages within the first 15 seconds. It is a matter of first impressions indeed.

Quality In Everything

Quality has been defined as fitness for use, at Astra we always strive in pursuit of excellence.
Even though the concept of quality has existed from early times, in Astra we always believe in achieving our goals and satisfying our customers by going extra mile.
We never compromise on our quality !

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Ask Us Anything

Looking to build a brand? Need some design or copy work? A website? Logo? Branding? Just send us a message with some deets about your project. It'd be great to hear from you.